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tripp d georgia a novel of georgia o keeffe купить по лучшей цене

A dozen roses…then you'll be mineGeorgia Lamont, host of a late-night radio show in Seattle, is used to secret admirers. Her sultry voice gets lonely hearts through the night–especially during the holiday season. But this note–stuck to a single rose–has her spooked. Then you'll be mine. Georgia doesn't like the sound of that.And neither does private investigator Pierce Harding, one of Georgia's fans. When she asks for his help, Pierce is amazed by his reaction to Georgia, who is more homespun innocent than sexy vixen. He's always been all business and kept his emotions under control, but as the letters get more threatening, Pierce has trouble maintaining his distance. His head is telling him to treat Georgia like a client. His heart is telling him something else….

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