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titus lucretius carus titi lucreti cari de rerum natura libri sex accedunt selecta lectiones dilucidando poemati appositae latin edition купить по лучшей цене

Very little is known about the Roman poet and philosopher Titus Lucretius Carus. His birth and death dates are based off of cross-referencing works that mention him, and pieces of evidence derived from his writing, and are believed to be circa 99 BC–54 BC. “On the Nature of Things” is Lucretius’s only known work. The goal of the text is to explain Epicurean philosophy to the Roman people. It is addressed to Gaius Memmius, a praetor and patron of Lucretius. Presented in this work is an argument for atomism, the assertion that it is not the Gods that are responsible for the happenings of the world, but rather atoms and voids. Lucretius also argues that death is simply the dissipation of the human mind, and that it is not something we should fear. “On the Nature of Things” is a detailed articulation of ancient thought-provoking debates which are still relevant today. This edition follows the verse translation of William Ellery Leonard and includes an introduction by Cyril Bailey.
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