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Endorsements:At a time when private think-tanks seek to advance their ideological agendas through what is oftenshoddy research, this book is both a welcome corrective to and a reminder of the dangers of themis-use of data in significant educational policy debates. - Michael W. Apple, University ofWisconsin, MadisonDemocracy thrives when a nation insures itself of a well-informed populace. The Think TankReview Project helps our nation meet that goal by debunking bad social science, much of whichemanates from the many highly partisan and well-funded think tanks that have developed over the last few decades. This book presentsthe best of the Project's reviews in a compelling indictment of think tank reports and their influence. - David Berliner, Arizona StateUniversityEducation policy over the past thirty years has been powerfully influenced by well-funded and slickly produced research reportsproduced by advocacy think tanks. The quality of think tank reports and the value of the policies they support have been sharplydebated. To help policymakers, the media, and the public assess these quality issues, the Think Tank Review Project provides expertthird party reviews. The Project has, since 2006, published 59 reviews of reports from 26 different institutions. This book bringstogether 21 of those reviews, focusing on examining the arguments and evidence used by think tanks to promote reforms such asvouchers, charter schools and alternative routes to teacher certification. The ...
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