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Rich & Famous Biography Bundle: 2 Books in 1: Think Like Robert Kiyosaki + Think Like Sam Walton From the Description of “Think Like Robert Kiyosaki”… Feel overwhelmed by your thoughts? Struggling with finding your true purpose in life? Or do you want to stop feeling lost in life?The truth is… We all experience the occasional down moments. But if you always feel unproductive, then you need to closely examine how these thoughts are negatively impacting your life…The solution is to find a mentor, a true mentor who have achieved what we've ever wanted. This way, we can cut short our learning curve by 15-20 years or more, depending on how effective we absorb the valuable knowledge and wisdom by these mentor. And that's what you'll discover in Think Like Robert Kiyosaki From the Description of “Think Like Sam Walton”… … Was caught "crawling" around competitor's stores to learn more even though he was already a billionaire then…Think Like Sam Walton is full of valuable life and business lessons that will potentially have an immediate, positive impact on your life and wealth. Instead of just reading a random book telling you what you should do, isn't it a better idea to learn from the life experiences from a man who started out with nothing but singlehandedly built the largest retailer in the World? Invest in your own mind today. Feed your mind with the success principles and philosophies. Add this book to cart or “Buy Now!” to continue reading…
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