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Learn everything you never knew you needed to know about colour, colouring and colouring books.Colouring 101 is written especially for colouring addicts by mother and daughter team who love to colour, and share with their fellow colourists (and non-colourists) intricate details of the world of colouring! A book filled with 101 lists to give hours of fun and guidance about colours, colouring and colouring books. It is for your entertainment, advice and encouragement and features: A History of Colouring – how it all began. The best places to colour – anywhere and everywhere. Tools and Techniques – zootangles, doodles and colour choices. Colour terminology – superlative vocabulary to impress your friends. Music, Books and Films – which feature colour. Jokes and Puns – add laughter to your colouring. 10 challenges for you and your familyand much much more!The Ultimate Guide and gift for those who love colouring and colouring books. No need to explain or justify colouring every again. A perfect companion to any colouring book collection. This is a ‘must have’ book for anyone who can’t get enough of colouring! Endorsed by David O’Connell, Song-writer Teacher and Broadcaster: “Ladey and Abbirose bring us a hugely creative book of lists. Full of fun facts and fascinating insights, it will bring a rainbow to your world. I highly recommend Colouring 101 to all convinced or would-be colouring addicts!”

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