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Bachelor Thesis from the year 2016 in the subject Business economics - Supply, Production, Logistics, grade: 1,7, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, language: English, abstract: In the scope of this thesis, the transport modes of hinterland transportation are analyzed with regard to their benefits and disadvantages. This analysis does not only show their compatibility with hinterland traffic but also their cost factors on the way from a seaport to the hinterland. It is shown which phases a container is passing as well as which expanses are entailed by these operations.As a first step, a large theoretical basic knowledge shall be created. Therefore, all locations and operators of the supply chain for a hinterland container are introduced, general requirements as well as processes and problems are presented, too. After presenting the transportation means and their expanses, the developed cost model is applied on an example. The case example shall illustrate single characteristics of each transport mode and shows the proportion of costs. Finally, the total transport costs for the selected route are determined and the transport modes can be compared again. Moreover, a recommendation for the carrier choice of this example is given. This recommendation is specially focused on the aspects costs and time which represent the most important factors in the logistics sector.

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