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Hey Dad, Time To Recycle Some Of Your JokesDad: “It contains a million letters, ends with a letter E, and begins with a letter P. What is it?”Me: “I have no idea…”Dad: “Post Office!”Me: :/Dad with his one-liners, what he thinks to be a clever play on words, and groan-inducing, hand-hitting-the-face hilarity, will never think to not share what he deems a funny joke. He won’t just share it quietly nor elegantly either. Dad will make every effort to entice us into his provocations while thinking they are completely normal and genuinely funny. We think dad would definitely approve of the jokes here.Some are tried and tested while others are modern and cool. This book would make a perfect Father’s Day gift, birthday gift, holiday, or any special occasion to celebrate Dad gift! These are a few of the silly, banal, absurd, ridiculous, and plain old funny jokes you will read that we have all heard dad say one time or another:Discover new, funny animal jokes along with the classicsSilly jokes about everyday matters, people, family, and thingsHilarious occupation jokesBad, cheesy, corny, repetitive jokes we all know, but hearing dad say them, just makes them all funnierClean but funny weather and nature jokesJokes and puns about famous people and events Laugh Out Loud sports jokes Downright silly book titles and authorsStart Laughing By Click On The “BUY NOW” Button!
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