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Turn your lunch break into the perfect time to create priceless works of sushi art in this humorous book! With Smiling Sushi Roll , lunch can resemble great works of art, like Munch's «The Scream» and Rodin's «The Thinker.» In this unique, humorous little book, modern maki (sushi roll) artist and instructor Tama-chan—otherwise known as Takayo Kiyota—shows how familiar ingredients like rice, seaweed, pickles, and cucumber can be used like paint and ink to create maki that is so fun to look at, you almost won't want to eat it. Mostly humorous art book, part sushi cookbook, Smiling Sushi Roll includes a few of the basics of using condiments, herbs and spices to colorize rice as well as preparing a sushi roll for some artistic strokes. Tama-chan's rolls feature original whimsical cartoons of Japanese culture and social commentary, as well as interpretations of famous works. Some of the pictures even change with each slice of the roll to form a running narrative. Some of the sushi art projects in this book include: Famous paintings, like «The Kiss» by Gustav Klimt Objects, like a gun or a guitar People, like a Hula dancer or a Ninja Animals, like a dinosaur or a fish Symbols, like a Japanese character or a «radiation» warning signThe result is a funny, joyous celebration of food preparation and presentation, and a whole new definition of «culinary art.»
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