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In an intimate evening of music and storytelling filmed on Sting's birthday during a run of benefit concerts at The Public Theater in New York City, "The Last Ship" features Sting joined by 14 musicians performing original songs from his critically-acclaimed album and Broadway musical of the same name. Inspired by his childhood experiences, "The Last Ship," is set in the seafaring town of Wallsend in the North East of England where Sting was born and raised and marks his Broadway debut as a composer. Against a backdrop of evocative visual projections, this captivating live performance takes us on a journey of love, loss, redemption and self-discovery, offering an inside look at the story behind "The Last Ship." Содержание: 01. The Last Ship 02. Shipyard 03. Coming Home's Not Easy 04. And Yet 05. August Winds 06. What Have We Got? 07. Practical Arrangement 08. What Say You Meg? 09. Dead Man's Boots 10. Big Steamers 11. Sky Hooks And Tartan Paint 12. Jock The Singing Welder 13. So To Speak 14. Show Some Respect 15. Underground River 16. The Last Ship (Reprise)

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