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High quality, classic holiday tales at a low price!This collection includes: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens • The Christmas Babe by Margaret E. Sangster • A Western Christmas by Mrs. W.H. Corning • Joe's Search for Santa Claus by Irving Bacheller • Angela's Christmas by Julia Schayer • The First Puritan Christmas Tree by Anonymous • First New England Christmas by Hezekiah Butterworth • The Chimes by Charles Dickens • Billy's Santa Claus Experience by Cornelia Redmond • Christmas in Poganuc by Mrs. H. B. Stowe • The Christmas Princess by Mrs. Molesworth • Widow Townsend's Visitor by Anonymous • The Old Man's Christmas by Ella Wheeler Wilcox • The Christmas Goblin by Charles Dickens • The Song of the Star by C.H. Mead • Indian Pete's Christmas Gift by H.W. Collingwood • My Christmas Dinner by Anonymous • The Poor Traveler by Charles Dickens • The Legend of the Christmas Tree by Anonymous • The Peace Egg by Juliana Horatia Ewing.
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