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The Royal House of KaredesBook 1 in the fantastic Royal House of Karedes Series AND the full Royal House of Karedes Collection are available for a special price for a limited time only!Housekeeper Effie, a practical, slightly dumpy virgin, has been summoned to the desert to serve the sheikh!Ruthless Sheikh King Zakari had gone to seek solitude in the sands, but nights alone are not something this ruthless ruler is used to. However, with his housekeeper at his service, there’s no need to allow his bed to grow cold. After hot, amazing hours of passion, Effie’s heart is near to bursting.But what she doesn’t realise is that something will compel Zakari to take her, a lowly servant, as his royal bride!The titles in the Royal of Karedes series are:Billionaire Prince, Pregnant Mistress (Book 1) – Available now for a special price for a limited time.Prince's Captive Wife (Book 2)Sheikh's Forbidden Virgin (Book 3)Future King's Love-Child (Book 4)Greek Billionaire's Innocent Princess (Book 5)Ruthless Boss, Royal Mistress (Book 6)Sheikh's Virgin Stable-Girl (Book 7)Desert King's Housekeeper Bride (Book 8)Royal House of Karedes Collection – All 8 titles available now in a special price collection box set for a limited time.

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