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The second title about these lively characters. Nocto and Squibbly are the Ghost Doctors – they help ghosts get better… at haunting, spooking and scaring.When humans feel a little ill, the doctor comes to give a pill.When ghosts are feeling dim and thin, it’s best to call the Ghost Docs in!Squibbly, the apprentice ghost, needs to improve his howling, shrieking and moaning in this second Ghost Doc title. When Nocto gets a message on his Ghost Fax to go to Slimymoor School, he sends in Squibbly to practice his daytime haunting. But Squibbly sleeps through the alarm. He wakes up when the children come back to school in the evening to practice the songs for their school play. But Squibbly cannot scare the children, or the teachers or the cleaners… in fact it’s the other way round! Squibbly is terrified!
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