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The real Mary was an unwed, pregnant teenage girl in first century Palestine. She was a woman of courage, humility, spirit, and resolve, and her response to the angel Gabriel shifted the tectonic plates of history. Join popular Biblical scholar Scot McKnight as he explores the contours of Mary’s life, from the moment she learned of God’s plan for the Messiah, to the culmination of Christ’s ministry on earth. McKnight dismantles the myths and also challenges our prejudices. He introduces us to a woman who is a model for faith, and who points us to her son. McKnight is absolutely right that the domesticated image of Mary, and the silenced Mary of Protestantism who only shows up quietly at Christmas, need to be dismissed as unhistorical. It is time for a Mary upgrade in the Evangelical world, and Scot McKnight has both the hardware and the software to deliver the goods. Highly recommended!" –Ben Witherington, Professor of New Testament, Asbury Theological Seminary “In all of the gospels, Mary may be the most overlooked character. She has become an unwitting dividing line between Catholics and Protestants, while we have missed the remarkable story of her life. Scot McKnight peels back the layers of controversy to reveal this compelling woman, in whom God found such great favor.” –Nancy Ortberg, columnist, Today’s Christian Woman “Scot McKnight courageously embarks on the quest for the Historical Mary and succeeds brilliantly. I’ll never be able to look at that powder blue Mary figurine in the Christmas nativity scene the same way again!” –Joseph B. Modica, University Chaplain, Eastern University I have often wondered about the real Mary. How did she feel? What did she know? Who was she? Mary emerges from the pages of Scot McKnight's book as a woman with the spiritual depth to believe an angel's bizarre message and the boldness to call for justice in an oppressive, unjust world. But like us, Mary had to struggle to understand God's way of working out his redemptive plan. She hadn't expected a Messiah who would die, hadn't anticipated that a sword would pierce her soul. Like us, she didn't have Jesus all figured out. But she grappled with reality, trusted God, and remained faithful to his call on her life. That both challenges me and gives me hope." –Lynne Hybels, Willow Creek Community Church Author, Nice Girls Don't Change the World

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