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Bedded for Revenge by Sharon Kendrick Years ago, Italian billionaire Cesare's pride was wounded. Now Sorcha needs his expertise, so he plans to bed her and then dump her. . . all for revenge! But with their passion still incredible, the hard part is walking away. . .Bought by a Billionaire by Kay Thorpe Leonie rejected Vidal's proposal because of his arrogance and his powerful sexuality, which left her trembling. Now the Portuguese billionaire is back in her life, and ready for revenge. He's determined to possess Leonie ; in every way. . .The Bejewelled Bride by Lee Wilkinson Bethany never expected to see mysterious Joel again. Until chance reunited them and he swept her off to New York for a romantic wedding, showering her with diamonds. But will his red-hot desire for Bethany overcome his plans for revenge. . . ?

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