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These feisty women don’t want to be tamed!Wife Against Her Will Sara Craven Darcy is stunned when her hand in marriage is traded to arrogant tycoon Joel as part of a business merger! He represents everything that she detests, yet she’s unable to resist him. When a scandal tests their unity, will their paper agreement become real?The Wedlocked Wife Maggie Cox Reece is handsome, driven and successful – and too proud to show his love. Until he meets Sorrell, the wife who’d left him, for the first time in three months and realises that she’s pregnant! Now he will keep her by his side – forever.Bertoluzzi’s Heiress Bride Catherine SpencerWhen heiress Natalie arrives in Italy falling in love is not on her agenda – particularly not with a man whose dubious connections have made him notorious. Yet Demetrio is tall, dark and gorgeous and Natalie’s drawn to him like a moth to the flame…

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