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raeanne thayne the wrangler and the runaway mom купить по лучшей цене

‘A rising star in the romance world.’ bestselling author Debbie MacomberThe first book in the New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne’s Haven Point series.A fresh start is all Eliza wants for Christmas…Nothing short of a miracle can restore Eliza Hayward’s Christmas cheer. The job she pinned her dreams on has gone up in smoke and now she's stuck in an unfamiliar, little town for Christmas.Enter Aidan Caine. He can help Eliza find the perfect Christmas as project – the renovation of his lakeside guest lodge. Soon he see how quickly he could fall for her. But is he's willing to risk his heart on a yuletide romance that could lead to forever?Everyone is falling in love with RaeAnne Thayne this Christmas:‘Her books are wonderfully romantic, feel-good reads that end with me sighing over the last pages.’ Bestselling author Debbie Macomber‘Entertaining, heart-wrenching, and totally involving, this multi¬threaded story overflows with characters readers will adore.’ Library Journal on Evergreen Springs (starred review)‘RaeAnne Thayne is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors… Once you start reading, you aren't going to be able to stop.’ Fresh Fiction‘RaeAnne has a knack for capturing those emotions that come from the heart.’ RT Book Reviews‘This quirky, funny, warmhearted romance will draw readers in and keep them enthralled to the last romantic page.’ Library Journal on Christmas in Snowflake Canyon

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