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The Philip K. Dick Megapack assembles no less than 15 classic science fiction stories by Philip K. Dick. Included are: <P> INTRODUCTION: PHILIP K. DICK<BR> EXHIBIT PIECE<BR> BEYOND LIES THE WUB<BR> THE DEFENDERS<BR> THE CRYSTAL CRYPT<BR> BEYOND THE DOOR<BR> SECOND VARIETY<BR> THE EYES HAVE IT<BR> THE GUN<BR> THE VARIABLE MAN<BR> TONY AND THE BEETLES<BR> THE HANGING STRANGER<BR> THE SKULL<BR> PIPER IN THE WOODS<BR> MR. SPACESHIP<BR> STRANGE EDEN<BR> <P> And don't forget to search this ebook store for «Wildside Megapack» (or just Megapack if Wildside Megapack doesn't work) to see all the entries in the Megapack series – including volumes of science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, westerns, and much, much more!

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