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Oxford Grammar for Schools is a 7-level series that helps you understand and practise grammar, supporting and extending what you learn in your coursebook. Understand the grammar: Look at the ’Can do’ statements to find out what you will learn; See grammar in action: dialogues and examples. Activate your language skills: Read the grammar in a variety of text types; Listen to the grammar and build your listening skills; Write the grammar in ’real-life’ writing activities; Practise the grammar in speaking activities with others; Prepare for exams and check your progress; Prepare for exams with exam-style tasks; Test yourself with photocopiable tests; Recycle grammar topics from previous levels and check what you remember; Do regular revision activities that practise more than one grammar topic; Rate your progress with the end-of-unit self-evaluation boxes. Tests by Daniela Clarke: Оnе test for each unit of the Student’s Book; End-of-level tests; Exam-style questions.
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