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This book assesses possible health risk of using DDT on Khat and farmers’ perception towards toxicity of pesticides sprayed on Khat. Personal interviews were completed with a random and purposive sample of 70 farmers, 5 health workers/officers/ and 5 agricultural workers /officers/. The observed study shows there is no any personal protective device (PPD) in the woreda at all, most farmers in the study area have no access to technical information on proper use of pesticides. Results of interviews and questionnaires showed that majority of farmers in Haromaya area use DDT and other unknown pesticides to grow their Khat and majority of them mix DDT and other pesticides, especially malathion. Most of the farmers are illiterate and could not read and understand instruction on pesticides packages. Most of the interviewed farmers are chewers of Khat and have more than 10 years experience in spraying pesticides on Khat. Local markets, pesticides imported through smuggling, local health and agricultural bureaus were seen to be sources of DDT and other pesticides used on Khat.
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