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My very first book of numbers mi primer libro de numeros - купить
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my very first book of numbers mi primer libro de numeros купить по лучшей цене

The Montessori approach to learning is extremely popular and its method of teaching through interactive play, in particular, has been used by White Star to create My First Book of Numbers; a fun, stimulating, book for children aged 5+. It has been designed according to Montessori educational and academic principles and has been created especially to enhance the cognitive development of the reader. Developed using progressive complexity, My First Book of Numbers encourages children to learn to write numbers, and then put into practice what they have learnt by asking them to count items and label them with the correct number. Finally the book helps them build on stages one and two to combine what they have learnt with things they might already know, allowing for independent play and a fun learning experience.
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