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my first book of dinosaurs купить по лучшей цене

This book is inspired by my nephew Zeb Childers. The original hand-sketched artwork for this book was done by a talented and loving cousin of mine from Waynesville, North Carolina, named Phyllis Austin. It is my first children’s book, which in time I hope to become a series called The Adventures of Zeb and Fido so that children and adults may have fun and a good time reading together. I hope and pray you enjoy this first children’s book called Zeb Befriends Fido.This book is about a young boy who lived in a village up in the mountains back in the days of the dinosaurs. One day while picking berries, Zeb, a smart and talented boy, gets scared by a sharp tooth better known as a T. rex. However, things are not always what they first seem to be. You may ask, can a T. rex become a young boy’s best friend, and can an unlikely friendship help save Zeb’s village in the mountain? Read to find out what really happens in this first book of an enjoyable series to come, Zeb and Fido Adventures, book one Zeb Befriends Fido!

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