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The aggressive scaling of the CMOS technology in the deep submicrometer regime gives rise to the short channel effects(SCEs). The double gate or multi-gate devices provide a better scalability option due to its excellent immunity to short-channel effects. This work focuses on the performance analysis of ultra-thin body Triple Metal Double Gate(TM-DG) MOSFET implemented with the high-k dielectric in gate oxide. The TMDG MOSFETs and its electrical characteristics variation especially short channel effects(SCEs) have been simulated and analyzed. optimal doping in the channel region can provide a better device performance in terms of drive current, ION/IOFF ratio, etc., keeping the SCEs within reasonable limits. The above device has been optimized with TCAD (Sentaurus TCAD)simulations and it has been found that the TMDG MOSFETs offers better transconductance, subthreshold swing, ION/IOFF ratio in sub 100 nm regimes as compared to the conventional DG MOSFETs.
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