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The Marciano Love-ChildAlessandro Marciano threw Scarlett out on the street without a second glance – she had betrayed him! Now he has returned – to claim the woman who lit his desire like no other. He has a proposition for Scarlett: he’ll bankrupt her or bed her. The choice is hers. But when Alessandro is faced with Scarlett’s child, his son, there isn’t a choice at all…The Italian Billionaire’s Secret Love-Child Charlie Chandler gave herself body and soul to her dark and handsome Mediterranean lover. But her dreams were shattered when she discovered the truth – the Italian who had seduced her was ruthless tycoon Riccardo di Napoli. Once Riccardo discovered pregnancy had been the consequence of their passion, nothing would stop him from claiming the child – and Charlie – as his own!The Rich Man’s Love-Child Flynn MacCormac never wanted to see Caitlin Burns again. But she has an explosive revelation – she was pregnant when she left him! Flynn can’t send her away a second time. He doesn’t trust her, but they share a passion nothing can destroy…

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