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Bible Discoveries and Revelations is a compilation of Bible mysteries that the author was compelled to research and interpret himself, due to his mistrust in individual church doctrines and their misguided Bible interpretations. The author asks the question: can two people look at the same evidence and come up with two different conclusions? This appears to be the true problem with Christianity.The reader will discover what the Bible really says about the tribulation, what truly was the thorn that tormented Paul, the true name of God, the location of the kingdom of God, also including too-numerous-to-mention topics not normally discussed in church. Bible Discoveries and Revelations comprises over sixty-two chapters of individual Bible topic studies written by a spirit-filled recovered alcoholic addict with over thirty-three years of sobriety.After reading Bible Discoveries and Revelations and applying the principles outlined within, it is the sincere hope of the author that you find the power within yourself that he found, which allowed him to walk away from cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol. The author was forced into early retirement and told he had three years to live in 2003. Fourteen years later after three strokes, two heart attacks, six heart surgeries, and finally diagnosed with diabetes in 2015which miraculously disappears in thirty dayshe claims to have found a useable power that heals, guides, and protects his life to this very day. Bible Discoveries and Revelations i...
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