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This story covers British heroine Nurse Edith Cavell's time in Belgium during the First World War. It details Nurse Simonne Alpen's time in France and Belgium during both wars with the Croix rouge de belgique :and that of her Australian husband, George Alpen, a British spy. Following the Second World War their son Cecil Paul Alpen became a distinguished Australian Diplomat. George Alpen his father was hailed as the Victor Trumper of Belgium taking cricket to Belgiuim in 1909,Sir Robert Menzies secretary, Petrov Affair, Z Force. The Order of St Michael, The Holy See, Charge d'Affairs of Netherlands, South Africa. 2/14Aust.Inf.Bn-AIF. NX111695Pte.C.P.Alpen. France Belgium No 4398Cpl,CHG Crisp,B Company 53Batt, . from Matong N.S.W. Australia. Nancy Wake,the White Mouse.
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