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matthew e nordin musings of the northern poet poems of love and faith купить по лучшей цене

Sunshine is a collection of poems that are bright and optimistic as the title. The different hues of nature are beautifully expressed in rhythmic charm. The different shades of clouds, the waterfalls, the rivers—all get a larger-than-life portrayal in poetic form. The poet makes us fall in love with the woodpecker, the whale, and the baby elephant. The poems describing the trees are very heartwarming. Surely no one will feel like cutting trees after reading these poems. All these poems send a strong message about nature conservation. This will come naturally since the poet arouses in us love and appreciation for nature. The poet seems to want us to enjoy and celebrate nature.There is a lot of warmth and understanding in the poems about father and children. The poet enjoys music also. She instills life in the flute and tabla as well.

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