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"...a timely, truly interdisciplinary, and much needed volume on the relationship between (mass) media, social movements and protests." · Peter N. Funke, University of South FloridaIn what ways have social movements attracted the attention of the mass media since the sixties? How have activists influenced public attention via visual symbols, images, and protest performances in that period? And how do mass media cover and frame specific protest issues? Drawing on contributions from media scholars, historians, and sociologists, this volume explores the dynamic interplay between social movements, activists, and mass media from the 1960s to the present. It introduces the most relevant theoretical approaches to such issues and offers a variety of case studies ranging from print media, film, and television to Internet and social media.Kathrin Fahlenbrach is Professor for Media and Communication Studies at Hamburg University, Germany. Her publications on protest movements and media include a book on visual protest of the student movement in mass media. Together with Martin Klimke and Joachim Scharloth, she is editor of the series "Protest, Culture, and Society" (Berghahn Books, New York/Oxford).Erling Sivertsen is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Media and Journalism, Volda University College, Norway. He teaches Media Studies and Photojournalism. Sivertsen is a sociologist who has published several studies on the media and politicians, media and banks, and on ph...
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