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mark j keown what god’s up to on planet earth купить по лучшей цене

On the Planet of Oria, and its nearby neighbors, a near utopian society has been developed by the leaders and most intelligent beings on the planets. The great Rankin has developed a perpetual energy source by harnessing the power of the binary black hole / star through the construction of The Cube. <br><br>An evil force on Oria has recently developed a desire to gain control of the planet through dubious and dangerous acquisition of nuclear weapons recently found on our planet Earth. <br><br>The Committee of Ten, comprised of the greatest leaders of Oria, has found out about the evil plan that could wipe out billions of innocent people. Lyton Rennedee must be stopped. Consensus is met to call upon their best and most worthy Major in their Military. Hoken Rommeler is truly up to the test. <br><br>Hoken will be sent to Earth and test his skills learned in self discipline as well as practice the drills needed to perform up to the highest standards to fulfill his mission on Earth.<br><br>Once on Earth, Hoken must assume a human&#39;s body and kill the evil Renneddee. No matter what obstacles are presented to Major Rommeler, he must do what is necessary to maintain his course of completing his task. Nothing is more important than fulfilling the mission and maintaining the secret of his alien identity.

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