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Research Paper (undergraduate) from the year 2007 in the subject Tourism, grade: A, University of Huddersfield, course: Revenue Management, language: English, abstract: Customers today are in a fast advancing world and are nowadays considered to be hotel's biggest asset. As without a demand there is no sense in running a hotel. Customers play a huge role in today's hotel industry, as hotels earn revenue from customers, hence they should be the focus to provide consistency with regards to business, and making them assets to the hotel. But by just making them assets to the hotel, it is not good enough for this ever changing industry and with the advent of technology the value of customers increase as it would also be easier to establish their current worth and plan for the future. Hence hotels would have to look beyond their customer's money, with a view of customers as a measure of their overall performance apart from their physical assets. This performance indicator namely REVPAC (Revenue per available customer) could be used to analyze the hotels revenue per customer with regards to its status in a market share and customer capitalization.The focus and importance of customers is therefore becoming a glaring significance in the hotel industry. Hotels with efficient customer relationship management systems are able to breach all sorts of customer related problems. With the ever increasing demand for rooms in India, the need to satisfy the customers with what is ava...
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