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Focuses on rapid implementation of practical, real-world cost reduction solutions In today's economic climate, the need to cut costs can be the difference between success and failure. Cost Reduction and Optimization for Manufacturing and Industrial Companies covers all major cost reduction areas, providing easy to read examples and advice on steps to take. It provides the roadmap for implementing recommended actions with true and tried methods by taking a modern, all-inclusive look at manufacturing processes. Based on the author's cost reduction experience gained during 30 years of senior operations and consulting engagements with hundreds of organizations, this book includes easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement cost reduction concepts organized into five general areas –labor, material, design, process, and overhead. Each chapter: Dives into a cost reduction area and starts with the bottom line first by summarizing key points Provides proven tactics for cutting costs without a lot of extraneous data Follows a qualitative and design-oriented approach Emphasizes quick implementation and measurable cost reduction Identifies who in the organization should do the work Outlines risks and suggested risk mitigation actions Contains numerous tables, graphs, and photos to show the concepts described in the book Praise for Cost Reduction and Optimization for Manufacturing and Industrial Companies «In this introductory book, Berk not only takes a modern, all-inclusive look at manufacturing processes but also provides substantial coverage of engineering materials and production systems. It follows a more qualitative and design-oriented approach than other texts in the market, helping readers gain a better understanding of important concepts. They'll also discover how micro-economic conditions relate to the process variables in a given process as well as how to perform manufacturing science and quantitative engineering analysis of manufacturing processes.» —Fred Silverman, Director Engineering of Hi-Shear Technology Corporation «Joe Berk has created a unique, practical and straightforward approach to cost reduction in manufacturing. This work provides valuable insights and concrete techniques, based on real-world experiences, to any manufacturing organization undertaking change to position itself to compete successfully in the global marketplace.» —Joe Carleone, President and COO of American Pacific Corporation Check out author Joseph Berk's blog at
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