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NOTE: THIS COLLECTION HAS BEEN REVISED AND EXPANDED AS FOLLOWS:<P> – In March 2016, we added 2 more short story collections!<BR> – In April 2016, we added 7 uncollected short stories!<BR> – Includes an interactive table of contents.<BR> – Includes an introduction to «Tales of War» by Dunsany scholar Darrell Schweitzer.<P> This mammoth volume of Lord Dunsany's classic short fiction assembles no less than 10 collections into one ebook! Here are:<P> 8 collections of fantasies:<P> – THE GODS OF PEGANA<BR> – TIME AND THE GODS<BR> – THE SWORD OF WELLERAN<BR> – A DREAMER'S TALES<BR> – THE BOOK OF WONDER<BR> – FIFTY-ONE TALES<BR> – THE LAST BOOK OF WONDER<BR> – TALES OF THREE HEMISPHERES<P> 2 collections of war-themed tales (some of which are fantasy):<BR> – UNHAPPY FAR-OFF THINGS<BR> – TALES OF WAR<P> 8 rare stories, uncollected in Lord Dunsany's lifetime: – ONE MORE TALE<BR> – THE GERMAN SPY<BR> – THE HEART OF EARTH<BR> – EXCHANGE NO ROBBERY<BR> – THE WAY OF THE WORLD<BR> – THE LITTLE DOINGS OF DEMOS<BR> – THE RETURN OF IBRAHIM<BR> – HOW CARE WOULD HAVE DEALT WITH THE NOMADS<P> This is the greatest single collection of Lord Dunsany's short fiction ever assembled!<P> If you have never read Lord Dunsany's work, you are in for one great experience. His classic, wonder-drenched short fiction has inspired generations of fantasy writers, from H.P. Lovecraft to Ursula K. LeGuin, from George R.R. Martin to L. Sprague de Camp. H.P. Lovecraft wrote: «[Dunsany's] rich language, his cosmic point of view, his remote dream-worlds, and his exquisite sense of the fantastic, all appeal to me more than anything else in modern literature.» It's true. Lord Dunsany's poetic stories are one of the great wonders of the fantasy field. From flying ships to gods and monsters, from Irish myth to the Greek pantheon, this is the ultimate Lord Dunsany collection, with more than 230 classic works in one volume.

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