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Everyone wants to be successful. The problem, though, is that most people misunderstand what constitutes true success. The world defines success in terms of our accomplishments, the fame and fortune we achieve, and the recognitions we receive, all of which are fleeting and temporary successes at best. True success, however, is based upon our character, the relationship we have with God, and the glory God receives from our lives. So how do we achieve this level of success?Lessons from Solomon answers this question by looking at the life of King Solomon, a man who not only achieved success by the worlds standards but also hadand losttrue success that comes from knowing God. Author Glen A. Blanscet has penned engaging narrative retellings of King Solomons story from the Bible, and from King Solomons story we learn several success lessons that we can apply in our own search for true success in life. Based on the life of Solomon, Blanscet has distilled from Solomons story the life lessons that lead us to genuine success from the wisest man who ever lived. I highly recommend this book!Dr. David L. Allen, Southwestern Baptist Theological SeminaryIn this book, Glen Blanscet has masterfully extracted from scripture Solomons successes and failures, providing the reader with vivid lessons on attaining true success.Steve Mullen, PhD, Dallas Baptist University

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