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Devotional Hours with the Bible is an eight volume set, Volume VI studies the Gospel of Matthew.There are two methods of studying the Bible. One is, verse by verse, giving close thought to every word, even looking into etymology and grammatical construction, so that the exact sense of the text may be learned. Commentaries that take us over the Bible in this microscopic way are valuable. We need every particle of light on the Scriptures we can get.Then another way of studying the Bible-is in order to get from it practical lessons for our own daily common life. What does the passage teach us? What Divine instructions have we in it for ourselves?Devotional Hours with the Bible is an eight volume set by J. R. Miller. The set includes:Volume I From the Creation to the Exodus (ISBN: 978-1-61203-199-6)Volume II From the Exodus through the Life of David (ISBN: 978-1-61203-200-9)Volume III From the Psalms (ISBN: 978-1-61203-201-6)Volume IV From Solomon to Malachi (ISBN: 978-1-61203-202-3)Volume V From the Gospels, on the Life of Christ (ISBN: 978-1-61203-203-0)Volume VI From the Gospel of Matthew (ISBN: 978-1-61203-204-7)Volume VII From the Gospel of John (ISBN: 978-1-61203-205-4)Volume VIII From the Acts, the Epistles and Revelation (ISBN: 978-1-61203-206-1)James Russell Miller was a popular Christian author, Editorial Superintendent of the Presbyterian Board of Publication, and pastor of several churches in Pennsylvania and Illinois. He was the General field Agent for the United Sta...
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