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Women to Watch"Cathleen Galitz has captured the essence of the Western man. Her characters are as unique as the land that spawned them." – Award-winning author Carolyn LampmanHE WAS ROUGH, UNTAMEDAn arrogant, blue-eyed, half Native American cowboy with an attitude who thought prim one-room schoolteacher Carrie Raben couldn't hack it in the wilds of Wyoming. Guess again, cowboy.SHE WAS SOFT, INNOCENTChaste Carrie was running from heartbreak, and she had something to prove to herself…as well as to Judson Horn. And neither the enormity of the open range nor this potent man of the land could intimidate her. Instead, she was about to tame this know-it-all virile cowboy and teach him about the explosive power of opposites attracting.Women to Watch. For classic tales with a sexy twist, dazzling debut author Cathleen Galitz is our Woman to Watch….

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