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A New Paradigm: We require systems which run parallel to natural ones, not against them. For example, regional, closed-loop (No waste, cradle to cradle), self-sufficient, & decentralized systems (Horizontal vs. Hierarchical). Sustainable systems which are NOT based on constant economic growth & consumption. The organization of self-managed, egalitarian, and highly co-operative societies. This will require a shift in consciousness which recognizes our interconnectedness and interdependence on each other and nature. A shift from ego-systems to eco-systems. Politicians are merely puppets (Pawns, proxies), of private interests. The media & governments role in two words- "controlled opposition" (Corporate tools). The fundamental problem is this entire unsustainable system driven by consumption & economic growth. A fraction of the resources spent on the military industrial complex, corporate welfare, etc. would solve all the ecological, social, and economic problems we face.
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