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This is an early Jane Austen work, written when she was a teenager and unpublished during her lifetime. Its a good read for all Austen fans – you can see her experimenting with the ideas and techniques that she would later use to better effect. The book is a romance told in a series of letters, but mocks many of the conventions of romances. <p> This is a great collection of the early writings of Jane Austen. As a writer I LOVED reading her rough ramblings. She played with plot lines and character traits. So this title is not so much a full story but many snippets of ideas or writing practice. Many of the shorts contained are rough and unpolished. <p> The first section of Love and Friendship is a funny, rambling tale told through letters. Imagine what a soap opera written by Austen would be like and youll have it. Once youve read this collection I suggest you try Lady Susan. That one is equally as fun. <p> Love and Freindship (ei on purpose) is a peek into the working mind of a classic author. We rarely get this opportunity and I encourage you to give these samples a read.

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