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Thisis the book that Alex Boraine never wanted to write. As a native South Africanand a witness to the worst years of apartheid, he has known many of the leadersof the African National Congress in exile. He shared the jubilation of millionsof South Africans when the ANC won the first democratic elections in 1994 andtook up the reins of government under the presidency of Nelson Mandela. Now, two decades later, he is forcedto wonder what exactly has gone wrong in South Africa. Intolerance and corruption are the hallmarksof the governing party, while the worsening state of education, health, safetyand security and employment strengthen the claim that South Africa is a failingstate. Boraine explores this urgent and critical issue from the vantage pointof wide experience as a minister, parliamentarian, co-founder of the Institutefor Democracy in South Africa (IDASA) and Vice Chairperson of South Africa’s Truthand Reconciliation Committee. He digs deep into the history of the ANC andconcludes that both in exile and today, the ANC is slavishly committed to one partyas the dominant ruling factor. All else – the Executive, Parliament, theJudiciary, civil society and the media – take second and third place. The ANC,Boraine claims, seeks to control every institution. What’sGone Wrong? pulls no punches, but it also goes beyond strong criticism and offers anumber of constructive proposals, including the re-alignment of politics as away of preventing South Africa becoming a failed state. As South Africa mournsthe loss of Mandela and embarks on another national election, with the ANClikely to begin a third decade of rule, this incisive, detailed critique isrequired reading for all who are interested in the fate of this young nation.

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