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j raff orchestral prelude to shakespeare s macbeth woo 50 купить по лучшей цене

An exciting new guide to Shakespeare's masterpiece which provides a walk-through commentary on EVERY line of the play. If you want to REALLY experience Shakespeare then this book is for you. Shakespeare wrote for everyone - so, although authoratative and deeply researched, this book is neither snobby nor stuffy. The authors aim is to open up the many treasures in this stunning piece of literature. To point out themes and cross reference the text to give a much richer experience.This book is useful for scholars as well as beginners, for students and directors, for casual readers and for teachers. There are essays about 'Providence and the Macbeths' as well as about 'Macbeth and Middleton' and there's a guide on how to play shakespeare and an introductory essay on how best to approach Shakespeare. There are charts indicating who is on stage and when, as well as summaries of what happens. It is bursting with information, guidance and commentary. It was written for you.

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