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"Since you like to scream so much, we are going to nip that in the bud of anyone hearing you." She said, as she made sure the straps behind my head were tightened. Erica then stood up on the bed and positioned herself over my chest. She put her pointy toe of her stiletto heels to my face. I could see the shininess of the stiletto as the light reflected off it. "See how pointy and shiny my stilettos are? I just polished them today just for you, my darling." She said as she had that wicked grin on her face once again. The one that scared the hell out of me. She took her pointy toe and dragged it across my chest, over my stomach and between my legs, then she pulled her leg back and swung her pointy toe forward, kicking me right smack in the middle of my private area! "Arghghg!" I gurgled through the ball gag. I had now lost complete control of my body as I felt it giving out at the impact of her pointy toe landing on me.

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