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Examination of the Newborn: An Evidence Based Guide is a practical and comprehensive guide for practitioners to enable them to undertake physical examination of neonates safely and competently. Incorporating the current UK Screening Committee NIPE Standards and Competencies, this book brings into focus what 'good practice' should look like against current national standards. Avaluable resource for midwives, advanced neonatal nurse practitioners, and health visitors, as well as all other health professionals involved in the examination of the newborn, this text covers: Neonatal examination and history taking Development of the heart and lungs and transition to extrauterine life. Cardiovascular and respiratory assessment of the baby Assessment of the neonatal skin and jaundice Examination of the eyes head and neck Examination of the abdomen and genitalia Abnormalities of the lower extremities including developmental dysplasia of the hip The dysmorphic infant and common congenital abnormalities Behavioural issues Professional issues in practice Safeguarding Children Examination of the Newborn provides essential reading for all health care professionals who are continually striving to update their knowledge and contribute to the standardisation of care on a national scale.
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