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Through the years, I never thought about writing, but I have always stored away certain sayings that I found interesting. One of those titles was Where the Timbers Cross, and I always thought that would make a good story. The problem was how to put a story with some of these sayings. It was almost five years before I came up with the story that goes with the book title. I wrote two stories in 1997 and put them in a folder and forgot about them. I happened to give a cousin the stories and asked him to read them. I assumed he would do what I would have done and put them in a drawer and forget about them. I talked to him a few weeks later, and he made copies of the stories and given them to neighbors, relatives, and pastors. I then started hearing from the readers of the stories asking for more stories. My third story was written in 2015. Then I was asked about a book, so here we are. This book composed of thirty-five Christian-fiction stories. Even though the stories are fiction, many are based on true happenings I have come across over the years. Even though my name is on the book, God wrote the stories.About the Author: David Ford graduated from East Tennessee State University with a master's degree. He then spent the next thirty-five years teaching in middle and high school. During those years, he taught biology, advanced biology, environmental science, earth science, physical science, general science, and life science. Since retiring, he enjoys golf, biking, and working...
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