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A volume in Ethics in PracticeSeries Editors Robert A. Giacalone, Temple Universityand Carole L. Jurkiewicz, Louisiana State UniversityThis book features sixteen chapters written by distinguished scholars who collectively point to a roadmap for advancingbusiness ethics education at a critical juncture in the history of corporate America. The editors frame the book with anintroductory chapter that details a gold standard for delivering ethics in the business school curriculum that signals tostudents that ethics matters, provides an adequate counterbalance to the amoral subtext that dominates much of businesseducation, remedies assessment problems associated with current accrediting standards, and prepares students for newlyminted and fast-growing careers in ethics compliance, risk management, and corporate social responsibility.The chapters that follow lay out some challenges and opportunities that administrators and educators need to address inorder to improve business ethics education and business school reputations in a post-Enron climate. Both traditional andexperimental perspectives on delivering ethics in the curriculum are covered in conjunction with research that substantiatesthe potential for improving student ethics competencies after exposure to ethics coursework. Methods for incorporatingethics in various subjects, including accounting, corporate governance, environmentalism, global business, managerialdecision making, and human resource management are also given a...
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