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giantex portable outdoor furniture set table 4 chairs set garden camp beach picnic folding table set with carrying bag op3381re купить по лучшей цене

This vintage book is a detailed and informative guide for woodworkers and craftsmen in the practice of designing and constructing garden furniture and is of great practical use today for anyone with an interest in carpentry. Contents: Woodworking - Simplified Modern Garden Set - Garden Table and Benches are Modern - Portable Outdoor Dinette - Lawn Settee - Smartly Styled Modern Lawn Chair - Chaise Longue - Picnic Table & Bench - Take Your Pick of Garden Benches - Canopy Lounging Chair - Two Portable Lawn Chairs - Simple Pine Benches - Iron Pipe Modern Lawn Settee - Summer Porch Chair - Outdoor Table Folds for Storage - Covered Wagon Mail Box - Barrels Make Latest Outdoor Set - Comfortable Folding Lawn Chair. We are republishing this classic work in a modern and affordable edition, featuring high quality reproductions of the original artwork and a specially written new introduction.
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