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george augustus sala my diary in america in the midst of war купить по лучшей цене

A story of World War I from the perspective of, and through letters of Thomas Lindholtz. He went on active duty in April, 1918, and got home in May, 1919. He wrote over 60 letters and postcards home during that time. His letters give a warm and charming insight into his character and relationships. They provide a unique first person account of a world now long gone. It gives a broad brush history of events in Europe, events in America, particularly immigration, and the specific events of immigration and early life to introduce my grandfather and his family. An overview follows of the major events of the war from 1914-18, that would have been headline news in America. The rest of the book is his letters interwoven with the events of life in America and events of the war on a daily basis. It closes with a brief epilogue about the war's effects in Europe and a brief history of my grandfather's life until his death in 1944.
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