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At last, neurologist-proven strategies to improve your memory and protect yourself against age-related diseases of the brain! The science and the “art” of functional medicine for the brain are laid out in this book. Dr. Ken Sharlin shows us how the individual pieces of the puzzle are integrated and nurtured along in a stepwise, achievable fashion, while recognizing the uniqueness of each individual who makes this approach their own. Here's what you will find inside: FORWARD by Terry Wahls, MD, IFMCPPART 1 - THE SCIENCECHAPTER 1Houston, We Have a Problem! How to Think Outside the Box to Solve a Global Health CrisisCHAPTER 2 I am a Product of My Generation: The Truth About How I Got HereCHAPTER 3 The Apple Can Land Far from the Tree, If You Give it a Push: How A Conventionally-Trained Doctor Turned into a Functional Medicine FanaticCHAPTER 4 Inflammation and Oxidative Stress: Unearthing the Root Causes of Chronic DiseaseCHAPTER 5 The Seven Biological Systems: Imbalances in Functional Systems Affect One Another and Spark the Fire of IllnessCHAPTER 6 The Clues are in the History: How Your Story Can Help You Learn What You Need to Do to Protect Your BrainCHAPTER 7 Getting Around the Parts of the Brain: How Structure Relates to Function, When it Comes to Preventing Memory LossPART 2 - THE STRATEGIESCHAPTER 8 Brain Tune Up! In the Office: How a Functional Medicine Practice Can Work for YouCHAPTER 9 Sleep Is More Than A Time Of Rest: Get Your Zzzs to Protect Your Brain!CHAPTER 10...
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