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The Malice Domestic cozy anthology series returns with a new take on mysteries in the Agatha Christie tradition -- 29 original tales with historical settings! Included are:The Blackness Before Me, by Mindy QuigleyHonest John Finds a Way, by Michael DellSpirited Death, by Carole Nelson DouglasHome Front Homicide, by Liz MillironThe Unseen Opponent, by P. A. De VoeThe Black Hand, by Peter W. J. HayesThe Trial of Madame Pelletier, by Susanna CalkinsEating Crow, by Carla CoupeMr. Nakamura's Garden, by Valerie O. PattersonA Butler is Born, by Catriona McPhersonNight and Fog, by Marcia TalleyThe Seven, by Elaine VietsThe Lady's Maid Vanishes, by Susan DalyYou Always Hurt the One You Love, by Shawn Reilly SimmonsThe Hand of an Angry God, by K. B. IngleeThe Cottage, by Charles ToddThe Measured Chest, by Mark ThielmanHe Done Her Wrong, by Kathryn O'SullivanThe Corpse Candle, by Martin EdwardsDeath on the Dueling Grounds, by Verena RoseThe Barter, by Su KopilMistress Threadneedle's Quest, by Kathy Lynn EmersonA One-Pipe Problem, by John Gregory BetancourtThe Killing Game, by Victoria ThompsonThe Tredegar Murders, by Vivian LawrySummons for a Dead Girl, by K. B. OwenThe Velvet Slippers, by Keenan PowellThe Tragic Death of Mrs. Edna Fogg, by Edith MaxwellCrim Con, by Nancy HerrimanStrong Enough, by Georgia Ruth

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