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Pre-University Paper from the year 2011 in the subject Philosophy - Miscellaneous, , language: English, abstract: Let us make a thought experiment: We assume that the average life span of a citizen is around eighty years. A day lasts 24 hours. We know the length of one's sleep per night and how many days there are in a year. A fact that is anything but a mystery emerges: we doze around somewhere between twenty and twenty-five years of our life!In a dream there are no laws of physics, no rules. There is nothing impossible in a dream! The fascination induced by the idea of freedom that can be lived by one in a lucid dream led me to choosing this topic for my study. After prolonged thought on an adequate question for my study, I have decided in favor of the following question: Can people learn lucid dreaming?To answer this question, I will proceed as follows: The first part of the study provides the necessary theory.This is systematically described under the topic 'Lucid dream'.In the theory part you will find the foundations on sleep phases, dream activity, various types of dreams and dream content. Then, the topic of lucid dreams is explained precisely based on the definition given by Paul Tholey; the most important concepts will be made available to you in the lucid dream vocabulary section.The second and practical part of the study consists of a lucid dream workshop, which should make practicing and mastering lucid dreams as accessible as possible. You will be pr...
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