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Master's Thesis from the year 2012 in the subject Business economics - Economic Policy, grade: A, University of Portsmouth, language: English, abstract: Political, technological, social and cultural factors of different countries are affecting the economic conditions of that region both in positive and negative ways. But it majorly depends on the changes taking place in all of the above mentioned factors. The current study look into the impacts of political issues compared with technological issues on economies of developing countries. The purpose to narrowly focus the developing countries here is to go deep into the details of the reasons based on political and technological factors which are not letting the developing countries to grow and progress in the modern world. The literature has already identified many factors that are hindering the economic growth of countries but very little research has been done on this topic specific to the context of developing countries so this research study would be more focused toward this area. Developing countries as the name indicates are the countries which are struggling to get developed and thus they have to pay more attention toward problems occurring due to political, technological and several different issues. Another important fact to mention here is that although previous studies have identified individual impacts of different factors like political, technological, social and cultural factors etc on the economy of individua...
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