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doyle a c the great boer war англо бурская война на англ яз doyle a c купить по лучшей цене

Washington-based consultant Gerry Doyle is now a very wealthy elderly American with the interesting past of having started out his working life at the CIA during the Cold War era. When that first career unexpectedly faltered, he moved on to the lucrative world of international consulting and accumulated great wealth, as well as some enemies, over the subsequent decades. An old agency colleague from their days together in Moscow reveals to Doyle upon his deathbed that the reason Doyle’s career had stalled in the late 1980s was because circumstantial evidence pointed at Doyle as being a mole for the KGB. As he pursues his subtle inquiries in America and Russia into who might have actually been the long-suspected “fourth mole” at the agency and who had framed him, Doyle, with the able assistance of his young female executive assistant, starts to narrow down the list of possible suspects. This is not without consequences, and several people around Doyle start to have “accidents.” Will his quest for justice end successfully, or will Doyle suffer a fatal accident too? It’s a story of friendships, betrayal, and a search for revenge.
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