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Salvation requires understanding, and you can't really understand the Bible until you truly understand The Book of Genesis. Marcus Dods, D.D., was a Scottish divine and Biblical scholar who devoted much of his life to the writing and publication of theological books. Dods understanding of and devotion to this first book of the Bible is evident on every page. His goal was to bring serious Biblical knowledge within the reach of the ordinary reader, and in The Book of Genesis he has succeeded in a most admirable manner.In his writing, Marcus Dods sought to answer the foundational questions that affect every human on the planet. His expansive treatment of The Book of Genesis does exactly that, and after reading it, you'll discover a fuller and more meaningful understanding of the entire Bible.As a preacher, author and professor, Marcus Dods was well respected in Scotland and occupied a position of the first rank in the esteem of the Christian community. During the twenty-five years he served as a minister, he was perhaps the most popular preacher in the city of Glasgow. He demonstrated vast knowledge of the Bible, especially the Old Testament. Dr. Marcus Dods died in 1909, at the age of 75.
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